E-mail for students

Student emails login changes

Students of the Warsaw University of Technology are entitled to use the e-mail service, maintained by the University. Apart from this benefit, using the university’s e-mail account is necessary for registration of certain software packages licensed to the  University, such as AutoCAD, MATLAB, …. The e-mail system is run by the University’s Center of Informatics.

All registered students receive e-mail addresses in the format osid_number@pw.edu.pl (where osid_number is an unique 7-digit identifier from the USOS system) or in a personal form: firstname.surname.stud@pw.edu.pl

Access to e-mail box by the University’s webmail service at: https://webmail.pw.edu.pl

The new user name and password can be obtained from the USOS Web portal at: https://usosweb.usos.pw.edu.pl (‘student’S section’ -> ‘Office 365’)

To log into the USOSweb system you must have an active student status in the system. In a situation where a person has an active student status in the USOS system, and in spite of this can not log-in to the email portal, please report it to the following address: 5999@pw.edu.pl .

more information at CI web page

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