Student’s life

The name of the Faculty “Environmental” obliges to create a special study environment. The unique study atmosphere guarantees a full cooperation between students and teachers. Students are participants of University maintenance grants – help with housing and food, scholarship and subsistence allowances. Students of the Faculty take active part in the Faculty Student Union. Its members participate in taking substantial decisions concerning Faculty life. Students organize a lot of events such as concerts, First year students party, Half a study party, June event, Miss and Mister election, “Open Door at the Faculty”, “Science Festival”, “Women for the Polytechnic”, promotion events, club parties, tourist excursions, theatre and cinema visits.

Our students work for several student organisations like STONA, BEST, NZS, AZS, SKPB, ESN PW. Their activity reflects the diversity of students’ lifestyle, interests and hobbies.

Student Scientific Associations complement academic process. Several scientific associations work at the Faculty:

  • The Research Society of heating and district heating,
  • The Research Society of ventilation and air conditioning,
  • The Research Society of water engineering,
  • The Research Society of gas engineering,
  • The Research Society of water supply and sewage,
  • The Research Society of renewable energy and wastes recycling NAVITAS.

The Faculty maintains a longstanding co-operation with European universities based on the SOCRATES – ERASMUS student exchange programmes.

All the students during their first 3 years of studies at the WUT attend physical education classes. Students can choose volleyball, basketball, swimming, gym, football, table tennis, aerobics, skiing, and many more.

For people who want to do more sports, there are students organisations whose activities are associated with sports and tourism. The largest organisation is Academic Sport Association (AZS) with 35 different sections.Information about the meetings and timetables of trainings is available at

There are also sailing organisations, for example Students’ Sailing Club (SKZ) or “Wimpel”. People who like trekking should go to PTTK, Students’ Club of the Beskidy Guides, Academic Tourist Club “Maluch” or the organisation “Styki”. If you like mountain trekking you must visit a chalet of WUT called “Koliba” in the Bieszczady Mountains. Students of the WUT are entitled to discounts there.

For further questions concerning accommodation and all other aspects of student life please visit our International Students Office.

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