Internships supervisors
Internships program assumptions
Place and form of internships
Internships procedure
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Dr Jan Bogacki
Supervisor of internships for foreign students
Room #811

Dr hab. inż. Agnieszka Malesińska
Dean’s representative for internships
Room  #540




Student internships are an integral part of the didactic process and are part of the practical training of the profession.

The aim of the internships held by students is to familiarize themselves with the devices and processes on a technical scale, as well as to confront the knowledge acquired at the University with reality.

During internships, students have the opportunity to gain first experience useful in their future work, in local government units and state administration as well as executive, operating and design companies.




The place of internships can be executive, operating, design companies as well as state and local administration.

Place of internship Students agree with the Supervisor. The requirement for determining the place of internship is its close connection with the study program of a given specialization.

In the event of difficulties with finding a place of internship by the Student, the Apprenticeship Supervisor cooperating with the Dean’s Proxy for Student Internships can help.

Before start of the internship, the apprenticeship, an agreement is signed between the Faculty and the External Entity accepting the apprentice, specifying the terms of cooperation and the date of internship.

Internships can also take place in foreign institutions or as part of international student exchange programs.

Internships can be individual or group, although in the latter case the documentation is kept for each student separately.

A student employed on the basis of an employment contract or civil law agreement in a place related to the study program of a given specialty, may apply for credit for the work performed as an internship, after prior arrangement with the supervisor, presentation of a report on its course and a certificate of employment




  1. The student declares the supervisor that he wants to do an internship in a specific place (so-called External Entity) and obtains his acceptance.
  2. The student receives from the supervisor the forms:
    • referral for practice •internship certificates
    • reports on its progress and an external entity’s declaration
  3. The student undergoes an internship in accordance with the agreed program under the guidance of a representative appointed by an External Entity.
  4. The Dean’s representative for student practices oversees its progress through the supervisor or through direct contact with an External Entity or / and a Student undergoing internship.
  5. After completing the internship, the manager or representative of the External Entity issues a written opinion on the degree of program implementation and student involvement on the printed certificate of the internship and confirms the report on the internship.
  6. After completing the internship, the Student together with the certificate and report shall report to the Supervisor in order to obtain credit and enter in the USOS system.
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