Programme offer

Studies at the Faculty of Building Services, Hydro and Environmental Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology are based on highly professional engineering curriculum aiming at knowledge and practices related to the protection of environment and sustainable development.

In 2018 both our programmes in Environmental Engineering, BSc and MSc, were accredited by Accreditation Commission of Universities of Technology and received the EURO-ACE® label which means that the programmes satisfy ENAEE standards specified in the EUR-ACE Standards and Guidelines for Accreditations of Engineering Programmes. EUR-ACE is the European quality label for engineering degree programmes at Bachelor and Master level and gives international value and recognition to that engineering qualifications. ENAEE (European Network for Engineering Accreditation) is the European body responsible for awarding authorisation to accreditation agencies to award the EUR-ACE® label at Bachelor and Master level to engineering programmes which they have accredited.

The Faculty offers the following programmes taught in English:

The English-taught programmes are targeted not only at foreigners but also at native speakers of Polish who plan to seek employment abroad. With the EURO-ACE® label the Bachelor Engineering and Master Engineering diplomas obtained by our graduates are honored in the European Union.

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