ENCASE – A European Network of Research Infrastructures for CO₂ Transport and Injection

ENCASE is a project aimed at advancing Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) research and technology in Europe to address the EU’s ambitious goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It brings together various stakeholders, including research institutions, operators, manufacturers, academia, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), with the goal of enhancing competitiveness in the CCS industry.


A team from the Department of District Heating and Gas Systems is involved in this project. The team is working on modelling of CO2 pipeline transport processes. Carbon dioxide mixtures from separation plants contain usually some impurities. Major impurities include nitrogen, argon, hydrogen and oxygen, depending on the capture technology. In our project we try to find an answer to the question, how the mixture composition determines the operating conditions.A correctly formulated mathematical model of CO2 flow through a pipeline is essential for computer simulation and optimisation of transport process, which is our goal in this project.

The team has recently been expanded with new members.

 Professor Maciej Chaczykowski with new members of the ENCASE research team
From left: Ms. Anchita Shetty (Student Intern), Professor Maciej Chaczykowski, Mr. Tomasz Bleschke (PhD Student).
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