Accommodation for Newly Accepted Students

The registration process for accommodation for newly accepted students will last from 1st August to 12th September.

The accommodation process is run by the WUT Students Union, the officers of the International Students Office (which takes care of admissions) is not in charge of this process. If you have an inquiry, it should be sent to the appropriate Accommodation Committee.


  • make sure you have an “Accepted” status in the online application system
  • fill the form on (NOTE: the form is available from 1st August to 12th September)
  • after you gain the “Accepted” status wait for the consecutive Monday – every Friday ISO will be sending the list of newly accepted students to the Accommodation Committee which will then track your reply in the online form
  • wait for the reply – when ready, the Accommodation Committee will send to your email the confirmation of accommodation

The rooms will be available in the last weeks of September, more information shall be published later.

Candidates who will not be able to participate in the abovementioned accommodation procedure will be able to apply for a room at the beginning of October via a special office of our University called Bank of Places.

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