Assessment of the Efficiency of Biological Treatment of Gases from Municipal Waste Processing

Piotr Manczarski, Krystyna Lelicińska-Serafin, Anna Rolewicz-Kalińska

The objective of the study is research on a biofilter existing at a mechanical-biological waste treatment plant in Radom. The paper presents results of research on the filling of the analysed biofilter (moisture, organic matter content, nutrient content, pH, grain size composition, and equivalent diameter), process gases (temperature, humidity and pH, concentrations of the main pollutants – ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, volatile organic compounds, acetic acid, ethanol) and operational parameters (flow rate, height of the biofilter layer, surface load, gas residence time in the filter bed). Irregularities were observed related to biofiltration efficiency, particularly resulting from improperly selected filling material and improper biofilter operation. The technological research permitted the identification of problems and determination of the requirement of performing necessary operational changes. Further works will involve the design, manufacture, and installation of an integrated biofilter with two-stage gas purification process (a classic biofilter and a semi-permeable membrane).

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