Certainty Level of Water Delivery of the Required Quality by Water Supply Networks

Marian Kwietniewski, Katarzyna Miszta-Kruk, Kaja Niewitecka, Mirosław Sudoł, Krzysztof Gaska

The security of water delivery of the required quality by water supply networks is identified with the concept of reliability. Therefore, a method of reliability evaluation of water distribution of the required quality was developed. The method is based on the probabilistic character of secondary water contamination in the water supply network. Data for the method are taken from monitoring of the water distribution system. The method takes into consideration the number and locations of individual measurement points and the results of the tests of water quality indicators at these points. The sets of measurement points and water quality indicators constitute a matrix research (observation) field in the model. The proposed method was implemented to assess the reliability of a water distribution process with respect to water with the required microbiological quality indicators in a real distribution system.

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