Complementary Use of Magnetometric Measurements for Geochemical Investigation of Light REE Concentration in Anthropogenically Polluted Soils

Piotr Fabijańczyk, Jarosław Zawadzki

The purpose of this study was to use fast geophysical measurements of soil magnetic susceptibility (κ) as supplementary data for chemical measurements of selected light rare earth elements (REEs) in soil. In order to ensure diversity in soil conditions, anthropogenic conditions and types of land use, seven areas were selected, all located in regions subjected to past or present industrial pollution. Magnetometric parameters were measured using a selected magnetic sensor that was specially designed for measurements of soil cores and were used to classify collected soil cores into six distinctive types. The analysis of REEs concentrations in soil was carried out taking into account the grouping of collected soil samples based on the type of study area (open, forested and mountain), and additionally on the measured magnetometric parameters of collected soil cores. A use of magnetometric measurements provided different, but complementary to chemical measurements information, which allowed to obtain deeper insight on REEs concentrations in soils in studied areas.

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