Dear Students,

This is to inform you about recent developments regarding the prevention of potential spreading of COVID-19.

The Polish Authorities have undertaken further steps and decided to introduce more restrictions in order to limit the disease spreading by implementing the state of epidemic emergency. This includes i. a. closing of:

  • cultural institutions (cinemas, theatres, museums, operas, etc.)
  • restaurants, pubs, bars (they will be able to deliver food however) 
  • shopping malls with exceptions of grocery stores, chemist’s and pharmacies, banks and ATMs as well as dry cleaners and petrol stations will remain open.
  • gyms, amusement parks as well as other places of mass gatherings

Moreover, international flights and train connections will be suspended from Sunday, March 15th on. If necessary, we also recommend you to remain in touch with embassies/consulates of your countries.

We would like to ensure you that accommodation for the international students (full-time, Erasmus+, bilateral exchange, other exchanges) in WUT dormitories will be provided throughout the entire period of suspending of teaching activities. 

Students are obliged to follow closely safety regulations by staying in their places of accommodation and limiting their contacts with other people to essential minimum. Visits from external guests in student dormitories are prohibited.

We will be keeping you updated if there are any further developments. If you have any questions ot doubts, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Dominika Jasińska
Centre for International Cooperation
Warsaw University of Technology

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