Distributed Fibre Optic Sensing (DFOS) for Deformation Assessment of Composite Collectors and Pipelines

Bartosz Bednarz, Paweł Popielski, Rafał Sieńko, Tomasz Howiacki, Łukasz Bednarski

Due to the low costs of distributed optical fibre sensors (DFOS) and the possibility of their direct integration within layered composite members, DFOS technology has considerable potential in structural health monitoring of linear underground infrastructures. Often, it is challenging to truly simulate the actual ground conditions at all construction stages. Thus, reliable measurements are required to adjust the model and verify theoretical calculations. The article presents a new approach to monitor displacements and strains in Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) collectors and pipelines using DFOS. The research verifies the effectiveness of the proposed monitoring solution for health monitoring of composite pipelines. Optical fibres were installed over the circumference of a composite tubular pipe, both on the internal and external surfaces, while loaded externally. Analysis of strain profiles allowed for calculating the actual displacements (shape) of the pipe within its cross-section plane using the Trapezoidal method. The accuracy of proposed approach was positively verified both with reference spot displacement transducer as well as numerical simulations using finite element method (FEM). DFOS could obtain a comprehensive view of structural deformations, including both strains and displacements under externally applied load. The knowledge gained during research will be ultimately used for renovating existing collectors.

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