Equivalence of low-cost PM10 concentration measuring devices with a reference method using various correction functions

T. Owczarek, Mariusz Rogulski, P.O. Czechowski, Artur Jerzy Badyda, E. Czermański

The aim of the study was to build a corrective model that can be used in the analysed devices and to assess the impact of such a model on the values of the measured concentrations. The novelty of this study is the test of equivalence with the equivalent reference method for hourly data. The study used hourly data of PM10 concentrations measured in a chosen city in Poland. Data was collected from two PM10 sensors and a reference device placed in close proximity. In addition, air temperature, humidity and wind speed were also measured. Among the tested models, a linear model was selected that used primary measurements of PM10, temperature, air velocity, and humidity as the most accurate approximation of the actual PM10 concentration level. The results of the analysis showed that it is possible to build mathematical models that effectively convert PM10 concentration data from tested low-cost electronic measuring devices to concentrations obtained by the reference method.

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