Flow Measurements Using a Sluice Gate; Analysis of Applicability

Elżbieta Kubrak, Janusz Kubrak, Adam Kiczko, Michał Kubrak

This study analyzes the possibilities of using an irrigation sluice gate in submerged conditions to measure water flow rate. Hydraulic experiments on sluice gate discharge capacity were performed on a model made on a 1:2 scale. Measurements were taken for the submerged flow of the sluice gate. Nomograms and relationships for discharge coefficients of the analyzed sluice gate were developed. The possibility of using the existing nomogram for discharge capacity of the submerged sluice gate to determine the discharge capacity of the modeled gate was also investigated. The effect of narrowing of the sluice gate cross-section resulting from different mounting techniques on its capacity was explained. The analyses confirmed the possibility of using the formulas for the submerged sluice gate to estimate the flow through the irrigation sluice gate.

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