Foreign Languages

All students of Warsaw University of Technology have 180 hours of foreign languages (12 ECTS points) offered in the study program. The foreign language classes start in 3rd semester with a leveling test and then with English for Academic Purposes course. The English language classes should finish with C1 Exam.

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Registration for the Polish courses, winter semester 2021/22

Classes start: October 11, 2021 (Monday)

Registration from  September 24, 2021 only via USOS. The timetable available on the website: 

  • The final timetable and the information about classrooms – October 6, 2021
  • Erasmus students – you can register for the Polish course only if you have “Polish language” or “local language” at your Learning Agreement and your faculty coordinator knows about it.
  • Full-time English students: please register for Polish classes only if you have passed Academic English C1 exam. If you are a first semester student, and you haven’t pass Academic C1 exam and you would like to have Polish classes, you need a special consent from your Dean.

Coordinator of Polish for Foreigners: mgr Marta Szpak,

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