Graduation Day 2024

– Something is coming to an end – Geralt said with an effort – Something is coming to an end, Jaskier.
– No – denied the poet seriously – Something is beginning.
Andrzej Sapkowski, Maladie and other stories

The authorities of the Faculty of Building Installations, Hydraulic Engineering and Environmental Engineering and the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Sanitary Engineering,
Water and Environmental Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology would like to invite you to take part in Graduation Day 2024, during which we will celebrate the time when something may have ended, but, at the same time, something else has begun. It is a time when, having left behind the lecture halls and faculty laboratories, you will go to where your knowledge, experience and skills, gained in these halls and laboratories, await you.

Dressed in elegant togas and birettas, with diplomas in our hands, let us reminisce together about what has been, and talk about what is and what will be. Let us reminisce, perhaps for the first time, but certainly not the last.

You are cordially invited to the graduation ceremony to be held on 5 October 2024 at 12:00 in the Small Hall of the Warsaw University of Technology, Plac Politechniki 1.

During the ceremony, Gold Diplomas will be presented to the 1973/1974 graduates and Diplomas to the 2023/2024 graduates.

Participation in the Celebration is free of charge, but requires registration via the form below:

The deadline for submission of the registration form is 23.09.2024, or earlier if the pool of available places is exhausted.

This page will be continuously updated, and all the necessary information will be found here. Updates will be communicated to all subscribers by e-mail.


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