Important information about registration for the next semester

Dear Students!

The settlement period (settlement of achievements and registration for the next semester – stage of study) is approaching, therefore:

-Please check carefully in the USOS web system the correctness of your grades.

-We would like to remind you that for a course to be passed (to be awarded ECTS credits), all component grades and the integrated grade must be present in the USOSweb system.

-Lack of marks in the system must be reported to the course tutor/lecturer by 15.09.2023, after this date it will no longer be possible to enter marks.

-The status of your achievements and the point requirements for registration can be checked in USOSweb under the tab STUDENTS’ SECTION in the section PROMOTIONS (by clicking on ‘details’ next to the specific stage).

-Since now – all applications related to registration (i.e. applications for repeating a year, applications for conditional registration – if a student has not achieved the minimum points for conditional registration, applications for leave of absence – if circumstances for granting leave of absence have arisen) should be submitted EXCLUSIVELY via the USOSweb system (STUDENTS’ SECTION, Applications ePW). Applications will be available ONLY from the 1st to the 16th of September (1-16.09.2023).

-You will see your registration results in your USOSweb accounts. We will contact you individually with any matters requiring further clarification.

-Registration rules:

-Since now – all applications for a certificate of student status should be submitted EXCLUSIVELY via the USOSweb system (STUDENTS’ SECTION, Applications ePW, Application for a certificate of study). Please write what language of certificate you need.

-We would like to inform you that during the registration period i.e. 16th-30th of September (16.09.2023 – 30.09.2023) the Dean’s Office will be closed for students.

-We kindly request you to read the information on the Faculty website under the tab “STUDENTS” before calling the Dean’s Office. During the registration period, every minute is precious to us. We will be VERY THANKFUL for your understanding.


Yours sincerely

The Dean’s Office Team

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