Information about software and tools used at the Faculty

Dear students, it is general guidance about software and tools used at our Faculty.

  1. Systems: at the Faculty three systems are used:
    1. USOS (access by USOSweb – used to manage enrollment for courses, reset the password for Office365, enter grades by teachers, register for subsequent semesters, etc. This is the overarching system for others;
    2. MSTeams – used for video-conferences, online lectures and other contacts with students (sharing materials, assigning assignments, conducting assignments, etc.). You should have an invitation from MSTeams for every subject conducted online. As a student of WUT you are eligible to download MS software from To learn about use of MSTeams please see video training ;
    3. LeON ( – a didactic platform of the University, used for sharing files and  supporting other elements of the distance learning process, such as discussion sessions, quizzes, personalized correspondence with students etc. You can reach the moodle platform using your USOSweb credentials.
  2. Email: Everyone should have and use the e-mail address assigned by the university ( and not his private e-mail or e-mail assigned by another organization. This is very important because all the e-mails send by through platforms: USOS, MS-Teams and Moodle, will be be directed to this address. Please check your email address and if necessary, reset your password in USOSweb, in student’S section -> Office 365Email_USOS

To access your email box you can use University webmail


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