Internship and summer work opportunities in your field

WUT Careers Service invites all students seeking internship and summer job opportunities in interesting sectors to the Career Centre platform on our website.

As many students, due to the pandemic restrictions, are struggling to find internship programmes or summer employment, we have contacted employers and recruiters cooperating with us to remind them of the possibility to advertise on our platform. The response was amazing.

Why don’t you utilise the effects? It’s quite simple:

  1. Set up a profile or – if you already have one – log in here: WUT CAREER CENTER
  2. Select JOBS and browse through the advertisements.
  3. Optionally, look through job advertisements – many will contain a note informing you that the employer is open also to students looking for internship programmes.
  4. Remember: the visibility of ads depends on the criteria you selected for your profile. Some ads will appear only if in your profile you have indicated your faculty.
  5. You can select the tag „Oferuje praktyki” to find the employers who, apart from publishing job openings, are generally willing to organise internship programmes.

We wish you every success in you search!

If you want to polish up your CV or prepare yourself for a job interview, you are invited to book an ONLINE CAREER COUNCELLING SESSION with the Careers Service advisors.

Best wishes,

WUT Careers Service Team


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