Mentoring programme

Dear students!

We launched a new version of mentoring!


– is a kind of one-time consultation / inspirational conversation with Mentor – a person with experience in the industry,
– it’s a chance to look from a different perspective on the challenges you’re facing,
– it’s an opportunity to consult a project you are currently working on or an idea you want to implement,
– it’s an opportunity to get support, dispel doubts from Mentor,
– it’s valuable advice, hints of solutions from people who have achieved success in their industries and have faced more than one challenge.

Depending on what you’re facing – take advantage of the opportunity to consult with Mentor.


1. Open the meeting module.

2. Choose the type of meeting – Consultative mentoring.

3. Get familiar with the profiles of Mentors, make your choice and choose the right date. Attach your CV.

4. Wait for the meeting to be accepted.

5. Join the meeting. At the moment only online meetings are possible.


students of the Warsaw University of Technology.

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