Operational characteristics of an innovative device dedicated for the hydrodynamic disintegration of sewage sludge

Monika Żubrowska-Sudoł, Agnieszka Garlicka, Justyna Walczak, Katarzyna Sytek-Szmeichel, Aleksandra Mikołajczak, Michał Stępień, Piotr Krawczyk, Katarzyna Umiejewska, Marcin Wołowicz

This paper presents the results of the first stage of the project, aimed at the assessment of the applicability of the new apparatus for disintegration of excess waste activated sludge. It was documented that the analysed device allows for disintegration of sewage sludge with an efficiency comparable to that obtained in other devices dedicated for mechanical disintegration of sewage sludge described in the literature. The disintegration process at energy density in a range of 35–210 kJ/l resulted in the release from activated sludge flocs of 219–515 mg SCOD/l for 35 kJ/l to 2138–4884 mg SCOD/l for 210 kJ/l.

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