Orders for faculty’s hoodies

Dear Students,
We encourage you to order faculty’s hoodies. Price for one sweatshirt will be 85 zl. You can order by this link until 1.12.2021:
Bank account number for payment (in title: NAME AND SURNAME, COLOUR AND SIZE OF SWEATSHIRT, addressee: WRS WIBHIIS) until 1.12.2021:
You can find more information on Facebook event:
And on MS Teams Students’ Channel:
Code: tlvuzim
If you have any questions, write to: julia.lugowska@samorzad.pw.edu.pl
Może być zdjęciem przedstawiającym tekst „XXS XS S HO 158/80 164/84 170/88 M. 176/92 L 182/96 XL 188/100 XXL 188/104 Explanation: your height/chest width”
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