Podkowa Leśna = Human Smart Town

Consortium: City of Podkowa Leśna – Leader, Warsaw University of Technology (Faculty of Building Services, Hydro- and Environmental Engineering), Garden of Arts and Sciences Association, Local Action Group “Green Neighbourhood” Association, Rozmawiamy Foundation, “Podkowa bez Smogu” Association.

Project manager: Marcin Bzdyra – representative of the Podkowa Leśna City Hall

Head of the WUTs’ tasks conducting at the Faculty of BSHaEE: Artur Badyda, Prof of WUT.

The project is co-financed by the European Union under The Operational Programme “Technical Assistance 2014-2020” (competition: “HUMAN SMART CITIES. Smart cities co-created by residents”).

Years of implementation: 2019 – 2021.

Total project value: PLN 1,325,856, including co-financing: PLN 1,132,800 (WUT’s budget PLN 377,500).

The main goals of the project are to increase the environmental protection awareness of the inhabitants and support local authorities in the pro-ecological city management process, with particular emphasis on air quality management.

As a part of the project, works are carried out on an intelligent air quality monitoring system, a platform for collecting and processing measurement data, visual monitoring of sewage pumping stations and the implementation of a unique solution for remote watering of gardens during periods of water shortage (a pilot solution implemented in selected households willing to test such a solution. At the same time, investment activities are greatly supplemented by educational activities in all age groups.

At the Faculty of Building Services, Hydro- and Environmental Engineering, 4 out of 9 substantive project tasks will be carried out:

Task 1. A detailed inventory of emission sources.

Task 2. Development or adaptation of the existing system for the analysis of measurement results with an interactive map.

Task 4. Development of a telemetry visualization application for water consumption data.

Task 5. Development of a Smart City strategy for the City of Podkowa Leśna along with the process of consulting the strategy with the residents of the City.

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