Possibilities of using ash from thermal treatment of municipal solid waste in hardening slurries

Łukasz Szarek, Paweł Falaciński, Piotr Drużyński

In recent years, there has been a marked increase in the amount of municipal waste generated in Poland. In 2020, 21.6% of all municipal waste was subjected to a thermal treatment process. Consequently, the
amount of ashes generated is significant. Due to their properties, it is difficult to utilize this type of waste within concrete production technology. One of the waste utilization methods is to add it to hardening slurries used in, among others, cut-off walls. The article assesses the possibility of using ashes from municipal waste incineration as an additive to hardening slurries. It also discusses the technological properties of hardening slurries with the addition of the ashes in question. The experiment showed that it is possible to compose a hardening slurry based on tested ashes with technological properties suitable for use as a cut-off wall. Further research directions were proposed.

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