Procedure of conducting the diploma examination remotely

The most important information from the Dean’s Ordinance 15/2020 of October 19, 2020 on the detailed procedure of conducting the diploma examination remotely

  1. At the Faculty of Building Services, Hydro and Environmental Engineering, it is possible to conduct diploma examinations remotely using electronic means of communication, ensuring in particular:
    a) real-time transmission of the diploma examination between its participants;
    b) multilateral communication in real time, during which the participants of the diploma examination can express their opinions during the examination
    with the necessary safety rules.
  1. The condition for admission to the diploma examination in the remote mode is the completion and submission of an appropriate statement by the student
  2. The diploma examination is conducted by the diploma examination board. The remote diploma examination is organized by the Faculty Secretariat. When organizing and conducting the diploma examination remotely, the rules, deadlines and documents applicable to the diploma examination organized on a stationary (on-campus) mode (see: shall apply, supplemented with the documents indicated in these rules.
  3. The documents required for admission to the diploma examination are submitted by the student in a signed envelope at the entrance to the Faculty building, in a place prepared for this purpose or during a visit to the Dean’s Office by prior arrangement by e-mail.
  1. Technical conditions for conducting the examination

– The exam is carried out using the MS Teams. Taking the diploma examination requires  authentication with an account from the domain.

– The student must have access to a computer enabling work with MS Teams, including a camera and a microphone that ensure the appropriate quality of audio and video transmission.

– Before taking the diploma examination, the student is required to prepare a room that meets the following conditions:

a) the room must be closed for the duration of the examination;

b) no other persons may be present in the room where the student is staying during the examination;

c) no other electronic devices (computers, tablets, telephones, dictaphones, radio devices, etc.) other than the computer used by the student to participate in the exam may be present in the room where the student is during the examination.

– The finding by the Examination Board of a breach of the above-mentioned conditions results in the termination of the diploma examination and is equivalent to ending the examination with a failing grade.

– Before starting the diploma examination, the student is required to:

a) present to the camera a document allowing to establish and confirm the student’s identity; If it is impossible to unequivocally verify the identity of the student taking the examination, the commission does not conduct the diploma examination;

b) declare to the camera that he knows, understands and accepts the conditions of conducting the examination and that he/she has met the conditions specified above;

c) declare that he/she knows the rules of conducting the examination and is able to participate in the examination.

– During the diploma examination, the student is required to provide voice and video from the camera and be in the camera frame throughout the exam.

– In order to provide explanations by the student, the tools available in MS Teams (whiteboard, PowerPoint presentation) should be used in such a way that it is possible to follow the records made by the student and the camera image while the student is taking notes.

– Upon completion of the diploma examination, the Examination Board announces the examination result.

  1. After the diploma examination, on the basis of the list of examinations prepared by the Faculty Secretariat, the Dean’s Office prints the approved reports from the USOS system in 2 copies.
  2. The circulation of documents after the completion of the diploma examination remains consistent with the diploma procedure adopted at the Faculty.
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