Structural Integrity of Steel Pipeline with Clusters of Corrosion Defects

Maciej Witek

The main goal of this paper is to evaluate the burst pressure and structural integrity of a steel pipeline based on in-line inspection results, in respect to the grouping criteria of closely spaced volumetric surface features. In the study, special attention is paid to evaluation of data provided from the diagnostics using an axial excitation magnetic flux leakage technology in respect to multiple defects grouping. Standardized clustering rules were applied to the corrosion pits taken from an in-line inspection of the gas transmission pipeline. Basic rules of interaction of pipe wall metal losses are expressed in terms of longitudinal and circumferential spacing of the features in the colony. The effect of interactions of the detected anomalies on the tube residual strength evaluated according to the Det Norske Veritas Recommended practice was investigated in the current study. In the presented case, groups of closely-spaced defects behaved similarly as individual flaws with regard to their influence on burst pressure and pipeline failure probability.

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