Subscriptions for repeated courses

Starting with the date 25/09/2020 18:00 to 29/09/2020 23:59 in the system USOS-web will be launched subscriptions for repeated courses (failed in the previous semesters). Subscribing to the subject (course) is the decision of the student, that in the coming semester she/he intends to attend (to repeat) selected subject.


A student who wants to take a course that she/he failed in previous years should choose:

– group 1 or 2 for the type of classes that she/he wants to attend and

– group “99” for the type of classes that she/he has already completed.


If someone for the course Mathematics – Calculus 1 has already passed the EXERCISES (TUTORIAL), and now wants to complete the LECTURE, then she/he joins the group “99” for the tutorial classes, and the group 1 for the lecture.

Group “99” is FICTIVE, and enrollment to this group means that the student has already completed this type of classes!

A student who has passed the entire course does NOT join any group.

Repeated course should be added to (linked to) a stage when this course was obligated first time.

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