The Application of In Situ Methods to Monitor VOC Concentrations in Urban Areas—A Bibliometric Analysis and Measuring Solution Review

Marta Wiśniewska, Mirosław Szyłak-Szydłowski

Urbanisation development affects urban vegetation both directly and indirectly. Since this process usually involves a dramatic change in land use, it is seen as likely to cause ecological pressure on local ecosystems. All forms of human activity, including urbanisation of areas close to residential buildings, significantly impact air quality. This study aims to identify and characterise different measurement solutions of VOCs, allowing the quantification of total and selective compounds in a direct at source (in situ) manner. Portable devices for direct testing can generally be divided into detectors, chromatographs, and electronic noses. They differ in parameters such as operating principle, sensitivity, measurement range, response time, and selectivity. Direct research allows us to obtain measurement results in a short time, which is essential from the point of view of immediate reaction in the case of high concentrations of tested compounds and the possibility of ensuring the well-being of people. The paper also attempts to compare solutions and devices available on the market and assess their application.

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