The Energy Potential of the Lower Vistula River in the Context of the Adaptation of Polish Inland Waterways to the Standards of Routes of International Importance

Krzysztof Woś, Krzysztof Wrzosek, Tomasz Kolerski

Based on new policies of the European Union, green technologies are to be mostly considered for power generation. Hydropower generation is one of the essential elements of sustainable energy production. Therefore, specific attention, both economically and technically, needs to be given to this sector of energy production. The Vistula River in Poland is considered an international waterway. The power production potential of the river has been taken into account over the years. However, further configurations are needed to obtain a more in-depth ecological knowledge-base and economic plans, which are socially approved. In an attempt to make the project environmentally friendly, specific attention was put into sustainable transport. Different methods of transport were researched to find the most renewable transport combination, mainly based on waterways. Having performed a cost–benefit analysis related to the economic aspects of the project, it was found that such an investment is highly profitable (B/C = 2.81).

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