Two-Dimensional Nanostructures in the World of Advanced Oxidation Processes

Dominika Ścieżyńska, Dominika Bury, Piotr Marcinowski, Jan Bogacki, Michał Jakubczak, Agnieszka Jastrzębska

Two-dimensional compounds with nanostructural features are attracting attention from researchers worldwide. Their multitude of applications in various fields and vast potential for future technology advancements are successively increasing the research progress. Wastewater treatment and preventing dangerous substances from entering the environment have become important aspects due to the increasing environmental awareness, and increasing consumer demands have resulted in the appearance of new, often nonbiodegradable compounds. In this review, we focus on using the most promising 2D materials, such as MXenes, Bi2WO6, and MOFs, as catalysts in the modification of the Fenton process to degrade nonbiodegradable compounds. We analyze the efficiency of the process, its toxicity, previous environmental applications, and the stability and reusability of the catalyst. We also discuss the catalyst’s mechanisms of action. Collectively, this work provides insight into the possibility of implementing 2D material-based catalysts for industrial and urban wastewater treatment.

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