Cleaning the environment with MXenes

Dominika Bury, Michał Jakubczak, Rajiv Kumar, Dominika Ścieżyńska, Jan Bogacki, Piotr Marcinowski, Agnieszka Jastrzębska

Rapid global industrialization constantly impacts the environment by discharging pollutants. Therefore, various materials are currently being investigated for environmental applications, including two-dimensional (2D) MXenes. Herein, we focus on MXene-enabled technologies for removing inorganic and organic contaminants present in gaseous and liquid forms, especially organic dyes, pharmaceuticals, and solid pollutants. We foresee a considerable potential for MXene-enabled technologies to remove heavy ions and radionuclides and recover precious elements. We show that MXenes could efficiently inactivate microorganisms without harming the environment. Finally, we discuss the associated opportunities and challenges in MXenes’ surface chemistry, semiconducting activity, interfacial effects, adsorption, and photocatalysis. Altogether, this article showcases outstanding opportunities for MXenes in the rapidly growing field of environmental applications.

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