EE – graduate profile

Graduates of Environmental Engineering specialization are able to:

  • use the acquired knowledge of the basic physical, chemical and biological processes occurring in the internal and external environment, apply knowledge of materials, methods and technologies used in environmental engineering;
  • design, implement and operate uncomplicated technological facilities, networks and technical installations in the field of district heating, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, gas engineering, water supply and sewerage, facilities of damming structures and water reservoirs storing water for the needs of the municipal economy, power industry, industry and agriculture, facilities of water and municipal engineering, equipment for water treatment, sewage treatment and sewage sludge disposal;
  • use modern computer techniques that support data collection, processing, management and interpretation, planning, design, implementation and operation of facilities and infrastructure related to environmental engineering;
  • use basic legal acts and binding standards in the field of environmental engineering, prepare planning documents required by law, prepare applications and issue administrative decisions.
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