Effect of meteorological conditions on odour emission at biogas plants processing municipal waste – pilot research

Marta Wiśniewska, Andrzej Kulig, Krystyna Lelicińska-Serafn

Biogas plants processing municipal waste on the one hand represent a trend in waste management, and on the other hand constitute an alternative energy source. Next to their unquestionable benefits, due to the character of the provided activity, they can be a potential source of odours. Municipal waste, largely containing biodegradable fractions, is often subject to decomposition processes in uncontrolled conditions still before it is supplied to the mechanical biological treatment plant. One of the effects of the processes, both controlled and uncontrolled conditions, is emission of odorants. Their spread depends on the applied technologies and adherence to the technological regime during operation. One of the factors determining the types and concentrations of emitted odorants are also meteorological conditions in which waste is stored and processed. The paper presents results of two series of pilot research conducted at four plants, involving a preliminary analysis of the effect of meteorological conditions on the emission of odorants at biogas plants processing municipal waste.

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