Environmental Protection Engineering

The Graduate (M.Sc.) Programme in Environment Protection Engineering (EPE) aims at a general engineering practice related to the mitigating of negative impacts of human activity on the environment, protection of environment and sustainable development. It is primarily addressed to the alumni of the Undergraduate (B.Sc.Eng.) Programme in Environmental Engineering or other undergraduate programs in engineering, such as civil, mechanical or chemical engineering. Students are trained for positions as consulting engineers, environmental affairs engineers for industrial and transportation companies, land reclamation and waste management companies, water and sewer companies, design studios and consulting companies, civil servants in national, regional and local environmental agencies and services, environmental inspection and monitoring units.

Programme participants broaden their background in environmental physics, chemistry and biology, familiarize with techniques of environmental data analysis and mathematical modelling, and develop practical skills in designing and governing environment protection measures. They receive training in a wide range of environmental technologies such as water and waste water treatment technology, air pollution control, water and soil quality control, solid and hazardous waste management, environmental aspects of energy production and use.

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