Estimation of Energy Efficiency Class Limits for Multi-Family Residential Buildings in Poland

Jerzy Kwiatkowski , Joanna Rucińska

The need to achieve energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission decreases within the building sector requires the implementation of a supportive legal framework. To fulfil this requirement, a building certification system must be developed that is easily understandable for end users. In Poland, assessments of the energy performance of buildings are based on primary energy indicator verification. However, this parameter is difficult to understand for building owners or for tenants. Therefore, in this study, energy efficiency class limits and a heating indicator for energy needs indicator have been estimated for multi-family buildings in Poland. To achieve this purpose, a reference building was used and 180 calculation variants were developed, which considered the following variables: 3 types of climate data, 4 values of building shape ratios, 3 types of ventilation, 3 thermal transmittance standards and 3 windows area ratios to the external wall. The results showed that the greatest influences on the need for energy used for heating were the type of ventilation used and the local climate. This study shows that the methodology used is adequate for energy efficiency class limits estimations involving multi-family buildings in Poland.

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