Factors of Stress Concentration around Spherical Cavity Embedded in Cylinder Subjected to Internal Pressure

Mechri Abdelghani, Ghomari Tewfik, Maciej Witek, Djouadi Djahida

In this paper, an accurate distribution of stress as well as corresponding factors of stress concentration determination around a spherical cavity, which is considered as embedded in a cylinder exposed to the internal pressure only, is presented. This approach was applied at three main meridians of the porosity by combining the Eshelby’s equivalent inclusion method with Mura and Chang’s methodology employing the jump condition across the interface of the cavity and matrix, respectively. The distribution of stresses around the spherical flaw and their concentration factors were formulated in the form of newly formulated analytical relations involving the geometric ratio of the cylinder, such as external radius and thickness, the angle around the cavity, depth of the porosity, as well as the material Poisson ratio. Subsequently, a comparison of the analytical results and the numerical simulation results is applied to validate obtained results. The results show that the stress concentration factors (SCFs) are not constant for an incorporated flaw and vary with both the porosity depth and the Poisson ratio, regardless of whether the cylinder geometric ratio is thin or thick.

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