Filtration Materials Modified with 2D Nanocomposites—A New Perspective for Point-of-Use Water Treatment

Michał Jakubczak , Ewa Karwowska , Anita Rozmysłowska-Wojciechowska , Mateusz Petrus , Jarosław Woźniak , Joanna Mitrzak , Agnieszka Jastrzębska

Point-of-use (POU) water treatment systems and devices play an essential role in limited access to sanitary safe water resources. The filtering materials applied in POU systems must effectively eliminate contaminants, be readily produced and stable, and avoid secondary contamination of the treated water. We report an innovative, 2D Ti3C2/Al2O3/Ag/Cu nanocomposite-modified filtration material with the application potential for POU water treatment. The material is characterized by improved filtration velocity relative to an unmodified reference material, effective elimination of microorganisms, and self-disinfecting potential, which afforded the collection of 99.6% of bacteria in the filter. The effect was obtained with nanocomposite levels as low as 1%. Surface oxidation of the modified material increased its antimicrobial efficiency. No secondary release of the nanocomposites into the filtrate was observed and confirmed the stability of the material and its suitability for practical application in water treatment.

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