Geometric Aspects of Assessing the Amount of Material Consumption in the Construction of a Designed Single-Family House

Edwin Koźniewski, Karolina Banaszak

In this paper, we present a new approach for the analysis of the dependence of construction costs on the geometric shape of a building. Instead of difficult or even impossible-to-establish uniform prices and costs, we propose a cost analysis concerning the amount of materials needed for construction. We show that the basic parameters are the base area of the building (plan), assumed in the study as the building area, and the area of the external walls of the building. The amount of consumption of most materials is proportional to the base area and the area of the external walls. The materials required for construction consume large amounts of energy during their manufacture. Therefore, shape optimization is not only economically significant for the investor but is also important in terms of the energy consumption, i.e., embodied energy. We propose a set of indicators to help a designer optimize the shape of the building at the initial design stage.

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