Influence of Plastic Strain on Heat Capacity of L485ME Pipe Steel Grade

Adam Lipski, Maciej Witek, Mechri Abdelghani, Piotr Swacha

The aim of this work is an experimental evaluation of a specific heat capacity as a function of plastic strain for thermo-mechanically rolled pipe material, with application of an infrared thermographic camera. The tensile load tests of samples prepared of L485ME (X70M) steel grade were performed with the use of a strength machine. Based on other known material thermophysical properties, the determination of heat source parameters was conducted with the use of an infrared thermography and with an optimization task solution. A linear regression equation describing the specific heat capacity as a function of plastic percentage elongation for L485ME steel grade was determined. The experimental results of the present study showed a linear increase in the specific heat capacity in the range of the analyzed tensile deformation up to 16%. The presented methodology is suitable for assessment of the material specific heat capacity as a function of strain up to the occurrence of the sample narrowing in a direction perpendicular to the tensile force.

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