Method of thermal detection of leakages in construction of deep excavation: A real case study in Poland

Krzysztof Radzicki, Łukasz Rybiański, Paweł Popielski

The thermal method is nowadays the only one that allows precise location of leaks in a shorings of a planned deep excavation, still before this excavation is made. It also allows to determine the leak intensity. As a consequence, it enables precise and early repair work, especially sealing. It allows to prevent or significantly reduce the serious consequences and losses resulting from a leaky excavation shoring. The paper presents the first in Poland case of the thermal detection of leaks in the excavation shoring at a construction site. This method has proven very effective in solving this complicated problem. The leaks were many and occurred in the diaphragm wall as well as under its lower edge. The depth of their occurrence reached over forty meters. The substrate‘s geology was highly heterogeneous. The method produced accurate details about the locations and intensity of the leaks.

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