Multigeneration source based on novel triple-component chiller configuration co-supplied with renewable and fossil energy operated in Arabic Peninsula conditions

Marcin Wołowicz, Alkasmoul Fahad, Asaker Mohammed, Widuch Aleksander, Marcin Michał Malicki, Ryszard Zwierzchowski

Innovative hybrid source for electricity, cooling and desalinated water production based on a mixed fossil fuel/solar energy supply, equipped with triple-component chiller configuration, has been presented in the paper. The system was erected and recently commissioned in King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to operate as a working laboratory supplying media to adjacent buildings of the Solar Village complex. In the Arabian Gulf region, increased demand, especially for cooling and desalinated water, as well as fluctuating availability of electricity from the grid in summer period is visible, what makes such a stand-alone installation operation justified especially in remote areas. Abundant availability of intermittent solar energy correlated with cooling demand led to development of novel triple-component chiller configuration consisting of absorption, adsorption and compressor chiller. Two Diesel internal combustion engines had been selected to supply electricity and heating when solar energy is not available. Paper presents results of installation commissioning, during which the performance of the system for three different operating scenarios was assessed. Maximum efficiency was achieved for maximum renewable energy production option reaching 324.91% with renewable share at a level of 89.99%. For the maximum cooling capacity production, the efficiency of the system was 124.89% with 18.6% share of renewable energy. The lowest efficiency, of 93.09%, system obtained for the night scenario.

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