Nonlinear Steady-State Optimization of Large-Scale Gas Transmission Networks

Andrzej J. Osiadacz, Małgorzata Kwestarz

The major optimization problem of the gas transmission system is to determine how to operate the compressors in a network to deliver a given flow within the pressure bounds while using minimum compressor power (minimum fuel consumption or maximum network efficiency). Minimization of fuel usage is a major objective to control gas transmission costs. This is one of the problems that has received most of the attention from both practitioners and researchers because of its economic impact. The article describes the algorithm of steady-state optimization of a high-pressure gas network of any structure that minimizes the operating cost of compressors. The developed algorithm uses the “sequential quadratic programming (SQP)” method. The tests carried out on the real network segment confirmed the correctness of the developed algorithm and, at the same time, proved its computational efficiency. Computational results obtained with the SQP method demonstrate the viability of this approach.

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