Risk analysis in the environmental impact assessment of building construction innovations

Arkadiusz Węglarz, Paweł Grzegorz Gilewski

Buildings in Poland are still constructed using technologies and methods created decades ago, even though many new technologies can be applied. Such an approach in the construction process is not sufficient to ensure the sustainable development of the world. Therefore, there is a great need for implementing new, innovative technical, economic, and social solutions. Innovation can be considered as any change that is beneficial for the entity that introduces it. The challenges that the construction sector faces nowadays are mostly related to the concept of sustainable development. The main trends in innovations are the shift towards more resource- and energy-efficientways of construction as well as implementing the principles of the circular economy. In this article, we present innovative technologies applied in the construction sector that meet the requirements of sustainable development. Also, we propose a method for assessing the environmental impact of innovative technologies currently used in the construction sector. As the proposed methods are primarily based on expert knowledge, it was necessary to determine the risk of making a wrong decision to apply innovative technology in practice based on an assessment made by a person with appropriate competencies.

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