Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Operating Conditions of a Circular Flap Gate for an Automatic Upstream Water Level Control

Janusz Kubrak, Elżbieta Kubrak, Edmund Kaca, Adam Kiczko, Michał Kubrak

This article introduces a flow controller for an upstream water head designed for pipe culverts used in drainage ditches or wells. The regulator is applicable to water flow rates in the range of Qmin < Q < Qmax and the water depth H0, exceeding which causes the gate to open. Qmin flow denotes the minimum flow rate that allows water to accumulate upstream of the controller. Above the maximum flow rate Qmax, the gate remains in the open position. In the present study, the position of the regulator’s gate axis was related to the water depth H0 in front of the device. Derived dependencies were verified in hydraulic experiments. The results confirmed the regulator’s usefulness for controlling the water level.

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